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Proudly known as the country of thousand hills, Rwanda is located in Central East of Africa.
It borders Democratic Republic of Congo in West, Uganda in North, Tanzania in East and Burundi in South. Rwanda has a total area of 26.338 km2 and its small area makes it the commercial center of the region. Its capital, Kigali, is located at 2 to 3 hours drive from the South of Uganda, East of DRC, West of Tanzania and North of Burundi. Its proximity with those countries makes it an excellent place for the emerging markets.

The country possesses a tropical climate with two rainy seasons (February-April and September-December). The average temperature varies between 16 and 26 degree celicius. Some snow falls are possible in the mountainous region of Virunga (Volcanoes). Above its excellent climate, Rwanda is also known for its beautiful relief with high terrain as well as green, and waving mountains.

Its abundant fauna including the very rare mountain Gorillas adds to its beauty, especially for the lovers of nature.

Rwanda is mostly known for 1994 Genocide. However, from 1994, at the end of the genocide and civil war, Rwanda has made tremendous progress in economic recovery, social coexistence, infrastructure development etc. Today, Rwanda is considered as a peaceful country in the region.

Internationally, Rwanda is considered as a good governance model in the region, a country where corruption and criminality do not have a room. Tourism industry is so important to Rwanda's economic growth.

Nothing defines best the culture of Rwanda other than the hospitality of its people. The pleasure and joy offered by traditional dancers and singers commonly known as INTORE may not be found anywhere else. Not be surprised that some writers have described the Rwanda as a country of thousand smiles.

The country population is evaluated to 11 millions in 2011, where 90% of it lives in rural area. Rwanda is among the rare countries with one and only one culture.
Rwanda has 3 official languages, Kinyarwanda, French and English. Most of Rwandans are multilingual, at least bilingual. The swahili as well as other regional dialects are used in Rwanda especially in principal commercial centers.
Local artists, all along the history of Rwanda, have materialized the cultural scenes of Rwanda under the forms of drawings and sculptures. The majority of those artisanal products are sold in Kigali city and in the villages. They have become a promising industry of cultural products which are actually exported to Europe and United States of America.



In the South-West of the country, there is one of ancient and vast forests of African mountains; NYUNGWE FOREST. It is a tropical forest with 970 km2 of area. Its altitude varies between 1600 and 2950 m. That Natural zone offers a passionate ballade to discover the flora and its 13 different types of primates: chimpanzees, cercopitheque of the hoest, colubus of Angola, as well as the rare birds like blue superb touraco.


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This walkway is constructed on the Igishigishigi Trail and leaves 1km from Uwinka. It leads to a 200m trail, suspended between giant trees. It offers a magnificent view of the upper canopy and is also a very good bird-watching area.
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