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The highest mountain-range of Africa (RUENZORI), the largest lake (Victoria). Uganda offers the best of everything from east and West Africa
A unique combination of the large animals like: elephants,Lions,Buffaloes,Leopards,Rhinos,Giraffes,Zebras,Hyenas,warthogs,Hippo and Crocodile from the savannas and forest animals like chimpanzees ,Gorillas, Black and White colobus ,Red- tailed monkeys, patas monkey, Blue monkeys, Forest elephants, Forest Buffaloes and Giant Forest Hogs.

There is more to Uganda than wildlife: The mighty Nile, with is a spectacular Murchison Falls, the setting for some of the world’s best white-water rafting. There are the snow-capped mountains of the Ruenzori and the Virunga volcanoes and Mount Elgon, both with a lot of hiking opportunities through beautiful scenery. Uganda has a few beautiful lakes like Victoria and Lake Bunyonyi. And a part from that, Uganda has the reputation as Africa’s Friendliest country, with the tradition of hospitality. The official language of Uganda is English but each tribute among 56 has his own language. The currency is Ugandan shilling (Ush), the land is 236.580sq kilometers, with a population of 32 million (in 2011).

Uganda is a tropical country and much of it lies on the African plateau between 900-1,500 m above the sea level. This gives Uganda a nice tropical climate, with temperature averaging between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius during the day and between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius at night. The hottest months are from December to February, with 27 to 29 degrees Celsius. The rainy seasons are from April to May and October to November.

Uganda is well watered and fertile; almost 25% of the country is covered with water. Lake Victoria is shared by Uganda with Tanzania and Kenya. Lake Albert, lake Eduard and Lake George lie on the border with Democratic Republic of Congo. At Jinja Owen Falls is regarded as the source of Nile.


Spend a day in Jinja and visit the source of Nile, Bujagali falls famous for white water Rafting, Owen falls dam which produces hydroelectric power consumed in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Spend time on the way in the Mabira Forest and Walk.

Lake Mburo National Park

Situated in a Savanna grassland and acacia woodland, covers 256 sqkm, and surrounded by 14 other lakes which form extensive wetland. Found here a large herds of Impala Eland, Klipspringer Topi Sitatunga , Zebra, Buffaloes, Leopards ,crocodiles and Hippos plus birds ,the famous crowned crane.


The largest Park in Uganda covering 3,480 sq km, about 295 km from Kampala. The spectacular falls result from the Nile River being forced through a narrow crevice. Lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, countless antelopes and birds can be viewed during a boat cruise to the bottom of the Falls.


Found in the western arm of the East African Rift Valley , Queen Elisabeth National Park  covers 1,978sq km ,and boasts of over 500 recorded bird species . This includes the shoebill, the black bee-eater, 11 types of king fisher falcons, eagles and other raptors. Animals that move about in the Park including the famous tree climbing Lions at Ishasha , Elephant , hippos ,Buffalos and many other animals.


The forest offers an intriguingly true African jungle experience, it’s dense growth, vines and other vegetation make it impenetrable, mysterious and awesome, as the sun breaks through, elegant helicon or lobster claw spreads its colorful petals. This is one of the richest areas for flora in Africa. The forest is home for about 360 mountain gorillas, half of the world‘s population of about 700 gorillas. Gorilla tracking is the main attraction here and is restricted. It is advisable to make reservations at least four months in advance.


Known as the  mountains of the moon the Ruwenzori are found on the western border of Uganda ,rising to about 5,100 m above sea level and are mist-shrouded providing a stunning backdrop to this park . Some of the peaks are permanently covered in snow and glaciers while the slopes are densely forested. Besides the climb up, the main attraction is the luxuriant vegetation found above 3000m, which includes giant forms of lobelia, heather and groundsel.


Park covers an area of 795sqkm and its known to have one of Uganda‘s most gorgeous tropical forest. It’s  a habitat to many forest wildlife  and among  these  include the primates  along  with  chimpanzees . The forest occupies the northern as well as the central part of the park. Kibale in the northern part has a peak of about 1590m above sea level. Kibale Forest   National Park is one of the best destinations in Africa for chimpanzee tracking.


Lake Bunyonyi (the word means the place of many little birds) is about 25km long and 7 km wide, with 29 islands dotting the centre of lake and depths varying from 44m to 900m. If the later is true it will make the lake the second deepest in Africa. Visitors come to enjoy the scenery and relax. Swimming in the lake is popular as are dugout canoe excursions. Bird life is prolific (over 200 species recorded) with Uganda’s national bird the crested Crane a common sighting.


Unsurpassed by other, Kidepo which is found in the Savannah of east Africa is remote and tranquil, covers 1.344sqkm inhabited by a rich array of wildlife, elephant, buffalos, lions, leopards, Giraffe, zebra, various antelopes species, Baboons, Bush bay and over 200 species of birds. The famous Kanonok Hot springs are found on the northern borders of the park.
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